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white pine county


Address: 150 Sixth Street Ely, NV 89301

Phone: 800-HW6-9350

Fax: 775-289-7675

Welcome to our 17-million acre museum, where visitors can experience nature, history, art and science. You can find it all in Pony Express Territory as you explore ghost towns, old mines, rock art sites and nature preserves. And at night, you can enjoy our open-air observatory with a great view of the heavens. Undisturbed and one of a kind, our doors are always open in Pony Express Territory and there are no waiting lines.  Take time to experience and enjoy the rich history of Pony Express Territory. You don't have to worry about delivering the mail on time.

White Pine County hosts several fun, wacky events annually. See this Fox News report about the Great Bathtub Race.