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Logan Canyon Byway Map


 Logan Canyon Scenic Byway takes travelers from Logan, UT to Garden City, UT, passing through Logan Canyon and paralleling the Logan River. Visitors enjoy mile-high, jagged limestone outcroppings, thick, green forests, grassy meadows, rivers, lakes, and beautiful colors – particularly in the spring and fall. This byway is an ideal destination for hikers, campers, bikers, golfers, and fishermen (including fly fishermen).

 41 miles / 66 km, Logan to Garden City

 Key Attractions

 Absolutely stunning canyon with a range of spectacular scenery – tall, limestone outcroppings, pine and aspen forests, grassy meadows and wildflowers, brilliant fall and pretty spring colors, tranquil river, etc.

  • Blind Hollow Trail – set amid Wasatch-Cache National Forest in a beautiful forest of aspen trees and green vegetation

  • Tony Grove Lake, located on Tony Grove Rd off Hwy 89 – leads up to a high elevation, glacial lake, often called the “crown jewel” of the Bear River Range

  • Mt. Magog – picturesque and iconic views of the tall jagged peaks, covered by green forests over White Pine Lake

  • Bear Lake Overlook – spectacular overlook over the lake and Garden City area

  • Second Dam, Logan Canyon – boardwalk, trail, and picnic area

  • Third Dam/ Spring Hollow, Logan Canyon – extremely popular fly fishing location, hiking trails, rest stop – trail leads to natural springs and to the Crimson Trail

  • Logan Golf & Country Club – a fun resort located in Logan Canyon


  • 51 miles from Ogden, UT; 84 miles from Salt Lake City, UT

  • Located in the northeastern top of Utah

  • Driving the byway:

    • Start from the intersection of Main Street and 400 North in Logan, UT

    • Drive east on 400 north to Milepost 374.2 at Lady Bird Park Overlook (Logan Ranger District Visitor Center is located here)

    • Continue on this route, Hwy 89, up the canyon (the Logan River runs parallel to the highway most of the way)

    • After driving approximately 45 minutes up the canyon, you will reach the Summit over Bear Lake and a visitor center that has information on both the byway and the area

    • The Byway ends in Garden City, UT on the shores of Bear Lake

 Other Information

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  • Campgrounds and destinations next to the byway may charge fees

  • Gas, lodging, shopping, food, restrooms, and phones are located at each end of the byway, Logan and Garden City

  • This byway is bicycle-friendly – Hwy 89 has shoulders that can support bicyclists and nearby trails are great for biking and hiking

  • Camping is available in several locations

    • Free primitive camping located throughout the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, and reservation camping is located specifically at Spring Hollow Campground, Guinavah Campground, Tony Grove Campground, and Sunrise Campground