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El Camino Real Byway Map


 Drive along El Camino Real De Tierra Adentro (The Royal Road of the Interior Land) and see a land rich in culture, history, and scenery. First traveled by Don Juan de Onate in 1598, the route provided news, supplies and travel to the first capital of the New World. Visitors today can enjoy viewing ancient pueblos, and locals using ancient techniques for creating arts and crafts, Spanish ruins, ancient ancestral Puebloan and Spanish petroglyphs, beautiful mountain and desert scenery, and the dazzling larger cities of New Mexico – Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Enjoy driving, hiking, biking, camping, and many more activities on this scenic and iconic stretch of historic land.

 299 miles / 481.2 km, Okay Owingeh to New Mexico/Texas/Mexico boarder

 Key Attractions

  • Pojoaque Pueblo and the Poeh Cultural Center – information center, Pueblo art and cultural exhibits, traditional Indian dances on weekends, large Indian arts and crafts shop

  • Santa Clara Pueblo – guided and self-guided tours to view the pueblo

  • Nambe Pueblo – Buffalo Tours offer guided tours to view the buffalo herd located there – young Buffalo Dancers will perform upon advanced request

  • Misión and Bond House Museums – located in Española – museum and tours

  • Large New Mexico cities, Albuquerque and Santa Fe

  • Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge – Bosque del Apache, NM

  • Beautiful mountain scenery, such as the Organ Mountains and the Sandia Mountains – visitors can take a steep tram ride up to the top of Sandia Peak

  • The mix of Spanish, Indian, and Mexican culture throughout cities in New Mexico

  • Petroglyph National Monument – view ancient rock art that tells the stories of ancient Native Americans – about 25,000 symbols, some thought to be created as early as 3,000 years ago, others dated between AD 1300 and AD 1650 by some of the Spanish settlers

    • View the famous Kokopelli symbol – the iconic, hunch-backed flute player – used often in Southwestern and Puebloan art

    • Enjoy the geologically interesting landscape, complete with 5 volcanic cones and an expansive basalt escarpment that dominates the landscape


  • The byway runs through Santa Fe, New Mexico; it covers most of the length of the center of New Mexico, running primarily north-south from the east-central top of the state to the west-central bottom of the state

  • Driving the byway:

    • Beginning at the San Juan Pueblo (north of Santa Fe), take NM-291/NM-74 to NM-68 – travel south on NM-68

    • Turn east onto Fairview Lane and drive for approximately 1 mile

    • At the intersection of McCurdy Road (NM-583) and Fairview Lane, drive south for approximately 1.5 miles

    • At the junction with NM-76, drive west until the junction with NM-106 (approximately 0.5 miles) – continue driving south

    • After approximately 7 miles, past Pojoaque Pueblo, take US-84/285 south for 25 miles into Santa Fe

    • From US-84/285, exit to Guadalupe Street

    • From Guadalupe Street, turn left on to W San Francisco St, right onto Don Gaspar Ave, right on W Alameda St, and then left on Agua Fria St/NM-22/NM-588

    • Continue southwest until the junction with NM-284

    • Take NM-284 until turning right onto E I-25 Frontage Rd

    • From E I-25 Frontage Rd, take on ramp to I-25/US Hwy 85

    • Exit on to NM-16

    • Follow NM-16 and exit on to NM-22 driving south

    • From NM-22, exit on to Indn Service Route 88 going west

    • Exit on to Indn Service Route 84 and follow road to NM-313

    • Take NM-313 through Bernalillo

    • Follow NM-313 as it turns into 4th St NW/NM-47 near Albuquerque

    • Take 4th St NW south

    • Follow road and make a right on Marquette Ave. NW, a left on 5th St. NW, a left on to Central Ave. SW, and a right back on to NM-313/4th St SW

    • Continue on route and exit on to NM-314 going west

    • Continue south on route as it turns into Isleta Blvd.

    • Follow road and exit onto NM-147

    • Follow NM-147 until you get on to NM-47 near Isleta Village Proper

    • Continue on NM-47 until the NM-304 exit near Belen

    • Stay on NM-304 until US-60, and then take US-60 west to Bernardo

    • In Bernardo, drive to I-25 and head towards Alamillo and San Acacia

    • Exit on to Alamillo Rd. and turn right on to I-25 Frontage Rd

    • Follow I-25 Frontage Rd and then exit to NM-408

    • Follow NM-408 and take on ramp to I-25 going south at Escondida

    • Drive to California St./US Hwy 60 and follow road to State Hwy 1

    • Follow State Hwy 1 to on ramp for I-25

    • Follow I-25 south to off ramp to NM-181

    • Follow NM-181 to Truth or Consequences where you will get on Date St.

    • Follow this street to Main Street, and then go to Broadway

    • Follow Broadway to Williamsburg

    • Take NM-187 from Williamsburg to Hatch, and then take NM-185 from Hatch to Las Cruces

    • Next, take NM-188 (Valley Drive) to Avenida de Mesilla, and follow this street to Mesilla

    • Take NM-28 from Mesilla to Canutillo, and then take NM-273 from Canutillo to New Mexico/Texas border

    • The byway ends at the New Mexico/Texas boarder

Other Information

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  • There are 4 roadside rest stops along the byway – they are near La Cienega, La Joya, Fort Craig, and Fort Seldon – each stop offers restrooms, telephones, and vending machines

  • Food, shopping, gas, lodging, and camping sites are located along this byway

  • Fees may occur if visiting attractions located off the byway

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