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Jemez Mountain Trail Map


The Jemez Mountain Trail Scenic byway allows visitors to explore life from several different time periods. The area has a rich history, with occupants spanning ancient ancestral Puebloan history, Spanish exploration, and more modern American ranching and logging history. Come explore the ancient pueblo and mission home – Jemez Pueblo - camp, hike, fish, bike, swim, horseback ride, or enjoy the natural hot springs in the Jemez Mountains.

163 miles / 262 km loop, Near Albuquerque

Key Attractions

  • Numerous Spanish and Indian ruins
  • Battleship Rock – a scenic cliff peak adorned with sharp and pointed rock spikes
  • Jemez River – beautiful river, fun for playing in, and offers several small falls, including the Falls Wayside destination off of the byway – framed by pine forests and rocky ledges
  • Santa Fe National Forest – about 65 miles of the byway are located in the national forest, and approximately 40 of those miles are part of the Jemez National Recreation Area – includes everything from fields of wildflowers to rugged peaks and raging rivers framed by the pine, spruce, and aspen forests
  • Jemez Pueblo and Jemez State Monument – located about 5 miles from San Ysidro – view the ancient Jemez ruins and the 17th-century Spanish mission home attached – 3,000 tribe members reside in the village of Walatowa, and visitors can enjoy traditional Jemez food, activities, and art, located at the Red Rocks area
  • Walatowa Visitor Center – gather information on the Jemez culture and history
  • San Ysidro – the small town located between NV-4 and US-550 – view the work of local artists and tour the restored Spanish era adobe church
  • Bandelier National Monument – 23,000 acres of protected, designated wilderness, large cliffs and deep canyons, and ancient ancestral Pueblo dwellings can found within the area


  • 1 mile away from Los Alamos, New Mexico; 18 miles from Española, New Mexico; 32 miles from Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Located in north-central New Mexico
  • Driving the byway:
    • Start at Los Alamos, NM and drive west on NM-4 to La Cueva, NM
    • The byway branches north and south here, and drivers can complete the byway two different ways:
      • North branch:
        • Drive north on NM-126 to the end of that arm of the byway (where the pavement ends)
        • Continue on NM-126 (unpaved & accessible if weather permits) for about 10 miles, where the byway and pavement begins again
        • Continue traveling on Nm-126 to Cuba, NM
        • Take US-550 south in Cuba, NM towards San Ysidro, NM
        • Take NM-4 north in San Ysidro, NM towards La Cueva, where drivers will complete the loop
      • South branch:
        • Drive south on NM-4 towards San Ysidro, NM
        • In San Ysidro, NM take US-550 west and then north towards Cuba, NM
        • In Cuba, NM, take NM-126 southeast until the byway ends (where the pavement stops)
        • Drivers have the option of looping back the way they came by continuing southeast on NM-126 on the unpaved part of the road for about 10 miles, until the byway starts up again just north of La Cueva, NM – where they drove the byway before

Other Information

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  • Gas, lodging, food, and shopping are located along this byway
  • There are several campsites located along this byway, including:
    • Paliza Campground - Located four miles north of Ponderosa on SR 290
    • Vista Linda Campground - Located approximately five miles south of Jemez Springs on SR 4
    • Redondo Campground - Found 11 miles north of Jemez Springs on SR 4
    • San Antonio Campgrounds - Located two miles northwest of SR 4, just off SR 126
    • Horseshoe Springs Campgrounds - Found one mile northwest of SR 4, just off SR 126
    • Seven Springs Campground - Go eight miles northwest of La Cueva on SR 126, then take Forest Road 314 for one mile.
    • Rio Las Vacas Campground - Found 13 miles east of Cuba on SR 126
    • Clear Creek Campground - Located 12 miles east of Cuba on SR 126
    • Jemez Falls Campground - Situated 15 miles northeast of Jemez Springs, just off SR 4
    • Las Conchas Campground - Located 25 miles northeast of Jemez Springs on SR 4

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