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Grand Mesa Byway Map


Called the “alpine oasis in the sapphire sky,” Grand Mesa Scenic and Historic Byway offers an incredible amount of beauty for any visitor to see. The drive will take you through vast expanses of alpine forest, acres of green meadows, hundreds of pristine lakes and streams, and awesome views of several different mountain ranges. This byway and the area it encompasses has much to offer, no matter what season you choose to visit in.

63 miles / 101.4 km, I-70 to Cedaredge with spur to Lands End

Key Attractions

  • Grand Mesa National Forest – beautiful, dense forests (very rich and colorful in Autumn), prime fishing and fly-fishing and hiking

  • Powderhorn Ski Resort – near Mesa, CO

  • Hundreds of lakes, endless alpine forests and meadows – prime area for camping, fishing, hiking, exploring, biking, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc.

  • Lands End Observatory – sits on the edge of Grand Mesa, viewing all 6,000 ft of the valley below and Utah’s La Sal Mountains to the west – located at the end of the byway’s offshoot (view map here)

  • Land-O-Lakes Overlook – view the 300+ lakes at this stunning overlook

  • Grand Mesa Visitor Center - offers hiking trails, exhibits – located at the junction of CO-65 and Forest Development Rd 121


  • 226 miles from Denver, CO

    • To drive from Denver – start at 4600 Washington St Denver, CO or N 39.780° W 104.979°

    • Take I-70 west

    • Follow I-70 until the beginning of the byway, the junction with CO-65 - N 39.184° W 108.281°

  • Driving the byway:

    • The byways starts at the intersection of I-70 and CO-65, just northeast of Palisades, CO

    • Drive west on CO-65 until it meets CO-330

    • At this junction, continue on CO-65 driving south until it meets F.S. 100 Rd on the western side of the road, which is the beginning of the westward offshoot to the byway (view map here)

    • Follow F.S. 100 Rd for approximately 1 mile before driving northwest on A. Rd for approximately 10 miles – this will take you through much of Grand Mesa National Forest

    • After you see enough of the forest or reach the end of the offshoot, head back and continue south along CO-65 until you reach Cedaredge, the end of the byway

  • Lodging is available between Mesa and Cedaredge

  • Gas, restrooms, camping (may have fees, no RV or dump hookups), and shopping are available along the route

  • Grand Mesa Visitors Center is handicap accessible

Other Information