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The Los Caminos Antiguos Scenic Byway stretches around the Great Sand Dunes National Park and winds its way down to the state boarder with New Mexico. Its name means “the ancient roads,” and was given for its part of the 16th century Spanish territorial expansion. The San Luis Valley that the byway traverses is filled with some of Colorado’s oldest and richest history. Visitors can explore the sand dunes and then continue along and explore the Hispanic culture and sites all throughout the valley.

129 miles – approximately 3 hours driving time/ 4 hours recommended for sightseeing

Key Attractions

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park – North America’s tallest sand dunes, hundreds of feet high, stretching miles

  • San Luis – Colorado’s oldest surviving community

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe – Colorado’s oldest church

  • Fort Garland – one of Colorado’s oldest and first military posts

  • Historic adobe structures and missions, museums, and galleries

  • Panoramic views all throughout the San Luis Valley


  • Located in the center of southern Colorado

  • The byway starts in Alamosa, CO and travels north, then west into Great Sand Dunes National Park, then southerly out of the park – it ends at the state line of Colorado and New Mexico

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