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Enjoy The Grand Circle - All Year Long

In the Grand Circle, there is no reason to pick one season or one vacation over another – you can do it all. Combine skiing outside Denver or Salt Lake City with hiking in Moab or golfing in Sedona. If the South Rim is chilly in winter, hike into the Grand Canyon for a springtime paradise. If canyons seem too warm in summer, drive up into the mountains for cool green escapes.

When it snows, we celebrate. Our mountains become comforted in deep powder, while our canyons are sometimes blessed with dustings of glitter, most often gone by midday. A true gift for the lucky who catch the beauty.

It doesn’t snow often in the lower elevations, so you can plan a relatively chill-free vacation – tour Chaco Canyon, watch balloons rise over Valley of the Gods, jeep through Canyon de Chelly and explore the vivid pastel slot canyons near Page.

Mountain biking near Moab is even better in winter than summer. Days just crisp enough to chill perfect mountain powder slide into days toasty enough to warm quiet canyon alcoves.