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great basin heritage area
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Great Basin Heritage Area Partnership:  The Partnership is a small, private, non-profit organization designated as the coordinating entity of the Great Basin National Heritage Area.  The Heritage Area was designated by Congress in 2006 and includes White Pine County, Nevada; Millard County, Utah; and the Ely Shoshone, Duckwater Shoshone, Goshute, and Utah Kanosh-Paiute nations. The GBNHA is a classic western landscape with sagebrush-covered valleys and soaring mountains; ranches and rangelands; historic gold mines, ghost towns and railroads; and human endeavors stretching back over 13,000 years.
The heritage area works with partners to preserve, interpret, and promote this special place through the leveraging federal funds, half of which go to local entities for tourism & recreation; community revitalization & economic development; resource conservation & enhancement; education & interpretation; and partnership development. We match federal funds with state and local grants as well as cash and in-kind donations for projects we sponsor.