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Natural Bridges National Monument consists of three natural bridges, formed by water cutting through rock. They have been named multiple times by different groups, but the names given to them in the Hopi language are “Sipapu,” meaning “the place of emergence,” as the Hopi people believed their ancestors entered the world through that entryway, “Kachina,” and “Owachomo.”


Key Attractions


  • Camping and hiking - most trails are short and easily traversed, the trails to Kachina and Sipapu require climbing up ladders and steep sections with handrails

  • Auto-touring - nine-mile paved loop that provides access to all the bridges’ overlook sites

  • Stargazing - the first park to be named International Dark Sky Park, to preserve and educate people about light pollution and the few places left in the world where a dark sky, filled with stars that are otherwise hard to see

  • Ancient ancestral Puebloan ruins and rock art




Located at the end of Hwy 275, about 35 miles west of Blanding, UT on Hwy 95. About 45 minutes from Blanding.


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