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white house ruin in Canyon de Chelly


This is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful place, and one of the great spots to learn about Navajo culture and to learn about the Ancient Puebloan Culture. It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in North America and Navajo families still live in the canyon. It is where the native people made one of their last stands against Kit Carson and the US Army before being forced onto the infamous Long Walk. It is very interesting to hear Navajo guides talk about the canyon.

The Monument shelters over 1,600 years of Native American history. Early Ancestral Puebloan basketmaker home sites built high into cliff alcoves grace spectacular red rock canyons where Navajo farmers and sheepherders still live. Nowhere else in the area has anybody lived uninterrupted for so long, nearly 5,000 years.

Key Attractions

  • Scenic drives - look out over several overlooks that provide excellent views of the canyon - the North Rim Drive and the South Rim Drive
  • Self-guided Hike - located at the White House Ruin Overlook, hike down 600 feet of switchbacks and view the canyon and area surrounding
  • Ranger-led programs
  • Canyon tours - enjoy provided tours by hiking, driving, or horseback riding
  • Camping - individual and group sites

Located on Hwy 191, 3 miles east from Chinle, AZ. The canyon is 4 hours west of  Albuquerque, 5 hours northeast of Phoenix, and 3 hours northeast of Flagstaff. Both Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site and Navajo National Monument are closely located sites.

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