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Four Corners Area Map
Four Corners Area Map - Provided by Sky Ute Casino Resort. Click the map or this link to see a larger, pdf version.


Four states meet at Four Corners National Monument, surrounded by the Ute and Navajo Nations. Visitors can snap photos of the only place in our country where you can be in four different states at once. See what the local Native American artisans are offering at the vendors station. The monument is a must-see, and is surrounded with nearby popular state and national parks.

Key Attractions

  • Visitor Center - open year-round

  • Native American vendors and mall - selling handmade crafts, food, jewelry, and art from both the Navajo Nation and Ute Nation

  • The monument, which marks where the four state boundaries meet, the only location in our nation where four states touch

  • Guided hikes, horseback rides, jeep excursions, etc.

  • Hiking, camping, and other backcountry-style recreation


The Four Corners Monument is located where corners of southeastern Utah, southwestern Colorado, northeastern Arizona, and northwestern New Mexico touch. It is 33 miles away from Shiprock, NM, 40 miles from Cortez, CO, 65 miles from Bluff, UT, 77 miles from Kayenta, AZ, and 100 miles away from Monument Valley, UT. Six miles from the monument, there is a very small community called Teec Nos Pos, AZ - there is a gas station there, but lodging and food are located in the fringe cities.


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