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On a houseboat vacation anything can happen. A helicopter could surprise you and land nearby on another houseboat. Chocolate Cheerios could save the day with laughs and giggles. Or... that special moment could happen out of the blue, when you least expect it... somewhere... some time... like when you were all lined up on the shore with the wind gently breezing through your hair... taking in the scenery... everyone was silent... and you all shared a thought... life is good!


100 Years Old Next Year?

The National Park Service is having a birthday next year and 2016 is building up to be a great time to get out, discover new adventure, and "Find Your Park" too!

The focus will not be about looking back, however, but about looking forward to the next 100 fabulous years in the parks!

Check out all of the latest info about the upcoming centennial year on thisNational Park Foundation website.

Did you know that there are over 400 National Park and National Recreation Areas (NRA) spread out across the United States?

There are also quite a few Forever Resortslodging, boating and activity locations in the parks too.   Check 'em out:

National Park & NRA 
Marinas & Activities

›› Scenic Safaris: Yellowstone
& Grand Teton National Park

›› Willow Beach Harbor:
Lake Mead NRA

›› Temple Bar Marina:
Lake Mead NRA

›› Callville Bay Marina: 
Lake Mead NRA

›› Cottonwood Cove Resort
& Marina: Lake Mead NRA

›› Oak Bottom Marina:
Whiskeytown NRA

›› Black Canyon Adventures:
Lake Mead NRA

›› Antelope Point Marina:
Glen Canyon NRA


National Park Lodging

›› Chisos Mountain Lodge:
Big Bend National Park

›› Cedar Pass Lodge:
Badlands National Park

›› Bryce Canyon Lodge:
Bryce Canyon National Park

›› Grand Canyon Lodge:
Grand Canyon North Rim

›› Lake Mead RV Village:
Lake Mead NRA

›› Mammoth Cave Hotel:
Mammoth Cave National Park

›› Rock Harbor Lodge:
Isle Royale National Park

›› Signal Mountain Lodge:
Grand Teton National Park


A Helicopter on a Houseboat?

So there we were, lounging on the sandy Lake Powell beach with a cool beverage. The kids were all out on the lake. It was peaceful and serene there on our own private beach...

And then it came, buzzing in like a scene from a James Bond movie. A helicopter flew overhead and landed on the houseboat across the bay. By the time we grabbed our camera, it had already landed.

Can you see it sitting there on top of the houseboat?


The Legend Of The Lost Ring

The legend began years ago when a close group of friends went on their annual houseboating trip to Lake Oroville in California. They had brought along their newly engaged friends, Joelle and Todd.

Everyone was having a great trip as usual until... One warm day in the sun, the group was playing "keep away." Joelle, the bride to be, threw the ball with such energy that the ring on her finger went with the ball, flew through the air, hit the water, and slowly disappeared into the water...

Joelle was so dumbstruck with what had just occurred that she couldn't speak. Her fiancée, Todd, thought something had happened to her and kept asking if she was OK. She couldn't get the words to come out of her mouth to tell Todd that she had just literally flung her engagement ring off her finger... into the lake!

The group rented dive equipment and dove for several days in a vain effort to find that special ring. The attempts were futile. Over subsequent years on their annual houseboat trips, the couples' friend, Rick, rented diving equipment, as they had the first year, and looked for the ill fated ring, ("more for fun than expecting to actually find it.")

One year, however, after reviewing old photos and descriptions of the event, Rick and his friends were determined to finally seek it out... to find the ring once again. ("Just for fun.")

The water levels were way down from where they were the year that the ring was lost so this time, Rick decided to explore the shoreline which was now exposed underneath where they had once floated. He went to the area where he thought they had been, climbed a sheer cliff wall and walked out on the bank with another cliff directly above him. He had a decision to go right or left, he went right and looked down. And there it was, sitting right there on a rock...

Rick was beaming as he held up the newly found diamond engagement ring. The first thing he did was attach it to a key float. He decided that since he would be seeing his friends Joelle and Todd in a couple of weeks in San Francisco for Todd's 40th surprise birthday party, he would present it to them there.

The return of that special ring, the ring that Todd had proposed to Joelle with, was a tear jerker for everyone at the party. (You can watch the video of the reunion on YouTube, just click on the video image.) The happy couple was amazed and thrilled to have a such a wonderful surprise from their dear friend, Rick. It just goes to show that low lake levels, combined with undying friendship, can bring new and interesting discoveries, and much happiness too!

Congrats once again to Todd and Joelle and "good on ya" Rick!

Click here to view the video on You Tube


No Risk Special for 2016

Risk averse? No worries, this No Risk Special is for you!

Lock in the exact houseboat & lake that you want for next year,NOW, with no risk, AND, get a great vacation value with specialadded savings too!

Reserve your 2016 houseboat vacation during the next 30 days and if you cancel next year at least 60 days out, there's no cancel fee, no admin fee, and your full deposit will be refunded.

Act by Nov. 8, 2015

Call in only: 800-255-5561

Ask for the "No Risk Special"


Which Is Really Bigger?
Powell or Mead...

Well, it really depends on how you measure the size of a lake...
Both are man made lakes formed behind dams. Lake Mead behind Hoover Dam (pictured) and Lake Powell behind Glen Canyon Dam.

Lake Mead is usually called the largest reservoir in the USA. It is roughly 112 miles long and has 247 square miles of surface area when it's full. (smaller than Powell)

Lake Powell, on the other hand, is usually called the second largest in the USA. It is roughly 186 miles long and has 266 square miles of surface area
when it's full. (hmm)

Capacity, however, (when both lakes are full) is where Lake Mead usually wins the argument. Mead has 28 million acre feet, Powell has 27 million acre feet.
(Whew, glad that's settled!)


Chocolate Cheerios and...
Chocolate Milk!

They're an all American favorite and a true houseboat essential. Consider these time tested tips:

Sprinkle 'em on ice cream.

Add 'em to buttered popcorn on movie night.

Fill small baggies and take 'em along for a hiking snack.

Blend 'em into smoothies.

Smother 'em with chocolate milk in a bowl for breakfast.

Smother 'em with chocolate milk in a bowl before bed time.

Forget the milk, dip 'em in Chocolate syrup like fondu
(Use toothpicks, make it fun)

Make rice krispy treats with 'em instead of rice krispies.

Sprinkle 'em on yogurt.

Sprinkle 'em on frozen pizza right after baking, before eating.
(Aw, come on, it's vacation!)

Just in case... don't forget to bring along some chocolate rice milk, almond milk, or coconut milk for your non dairy crew too.

And finally... here's one last Chocolate Cheerio tip. When you're roasting marshmallows on a stick, while it is still soft and sticky, roll it into your Cheerios. It's the ultimate crunchy, sweet, messy vacation treat!


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