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Is The Water Really "Cooling Off" Yet?

Can you believe Labor Day is already here? Most of the kids are back in school and crowds at the lakes are definitely thinning fast. It's a great time of year to get out on the water (it's still warm too) and you won't need a wet suit yet either!


Warm Water In The Pacific:
El Niño on the way!

They say it's building up to be one of the strongest El Niños in history. Warm water building up in the Equatorial Pacific means there should be a very wet winter in North America. And... that means some good news for our lakes too!

This recent graph from the National Weather Service shows how they're tracking El Niño this year. The official word is: "There is a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere winter 2015-16, and around an 85% chance it will last into early spring 2016." Those are some pretty good percentages and it's time to get ready just in case they're right!

Preparations are already underway at all of the lakes for the possibility of heavy winter and spring rain along with rising waters that may be on the way too.

It takes a lot of effort and planning to adjust marinas as water levels go up and down. (Especially when it's fast!) Scuba gear needs to be checked, cables and winches need to be inspected and cleaned, and a whole checklist of tasks needs to be reviewed before the "waiting begins."

One thing is for sure, when the rain starts falling and the water starts rising, the phones will start ringing in the houseboat vacation center and boats will sell out fast. (It's not too early to make your 2016 reservation now, just in case...)

Click here for the latest from NOAA about El Niño!


Check Out Our New Websites:

Designed to be responsive to whatever type of device you're using, (like a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop) the all new website, is now a lot easier to use from anywhere you're surfing.

It's also packed with larger images, more videos, and great features to help you get started on your next vacation of a lifetime!

Check out both of the new sites: Houseboats, Small Boats, Marinas Trips, Travel, & Outdoor Family Vacations


Aussie Music Group Visits Callville Bay:
Watch The Video!

Scroll down to the bottom of the new website home page and click on this video image to join the Australian Vocal Group "Human Nature" for a fun and scenic houseboat cruise on Lake Mead.

(They even sneak in a little singing while relaxing on the top deck!)

Click Here And Scroll Down!


See You Online Soon!


Last Minute
Booking Opportunities!

People often cancel or change their plans at the last minute. That might just mean a sweet opportunity for you and your crew!

The key is to call, before the system gets updated. There may be availability on the houseboat you want at the lake that you like.

Ask for your own:
Secret Waterways Special!


Check Out These Videos:

There are some great videos on designed to help you get ready for your next houseboat vacation:

Welcome Aboard

What to Bring

Starting the Engines

Rules of the Road

Houseboat Safety

In Case of Emergency

Just click on the "Orientation Videos" tab and check 'em out!


Welcome Aboard

Take a quick look at what you can expect to learn "STEM to STERN" during your houseboat orientation.

And... See some great features plus learn practical tips about safe, trouble free houseboating!


What to Bring

What to bring? What to pack? How to pack it? Get some great tips from this video and launch your vacation like a pro!


Starting the Engines

Take a quick look at the steps to get your engines started. It's easier than you think!


Rules of the Road

They should really call this one the"Rules of the Lake!" or the "Water Rules" Get up to speed before you go!


Houseboating Safety

Learn these tips and make sure you have a safe, incredible vacation without any problems! Some are obvious and some offer great insights!


In Case Of Emergency

Learn the four things to remember just in case!

Portside Musing

Things change... We used to browse brochures, then we dialed up on desktops, then we opened up laptops, then we took out our tablets... and now we keep it all in our pockets. Just please, don't shrink the houseboats too!

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