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Fourth Annual Four Corners Region
“Trails of the Ancients”
Geotourism Fair

Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’u Museum, Acoma Pueblo “Sky City”, New Mexico
Friday & Saturday, April 10 & 11, 2015
Experience a weekend of history, culture, heritage, environment and preservation

•Exhibitors Booths: Archaeological/Historical Tourism Programs, Cultural & Visitors Centers
•Guest Speakers: Dignitaries, Tribal Leadership, Royalty
•Entertainment: Native American Social Group Dances
•Arts & Crafts Booths
•Pottery / Arts & Crafts Demonstrations
•Presentations: Archaeological/Historical Site Programs, Tourism & Visitors Centers
•National Geographic “Trails of the Ancients” – Destination Maps for Sale
•Guided Tours of Acoma Pueblo “Sky City”
•Delicious food at the Yaak’a (Corn) Cafe

For more information, contact Melvin Juanico @ 505-552-7869

See the full brochure.