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We came to ride the train and it was well worth the effort.

You don't stumble upon the Nevada Northern Railway by accident. It's not a place you drop into for a few minutes while en route to some other destination.

Ely, Nevada, is in the middle of nowhere:

  • 67 miles northwest of Great Basin National Park
  • 153 miles west of Delta, Utah
  • 202 miles northwest of Cedar City Utah
  • 242 miles north of Las Vegas

If you are going to Great Basin National Park and its amazing Lehman Caves, it is certainly worth your time to drive the extra miles to Ely. But the historic railroad found there is a great destination in and of itself.

The East Ely Yard is a National Historic Landmark offering a wealth of opportunity for railroad enthusiasts. There are several options for historic steam or diesel-powered train rides and the rides are very enjoyable. The live narration is entertaining and educational. The guided tour of the engine house and train yard is fascinating. The railroad museum is amazing.

We were treated to a mock robbery, complete with bad guys boarding the train, guns drawn, and shooting it out with sheriff's deputies. But the bad guys showed heart as the gave kids spent pistol cartridges and candy.

Our ride lasted 90 minutes and we could have spent much longer wandering around the train yard and museum. It makes for an enjoyable day. There are plenty of good lodging oprions in town, along with excellent restaurants and a couple small casinos.

We took our grandsons and made lasting memories.

- Dave Webb