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Address: End of Hwy 67, North Rim, AZ 86052

Phone: 928-638-2611

Fax: 928-638-2554 

Grand Canyon National Park Lodge, North Rim (Forever Resorts): At the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, you can best experience the grandest of canyons. Here, you can experience the canyon's colors, shadows and formations in quiet reflection and repose. Settle into a western log cabin or a timbered guest room. Take an easy hike along the rim or ride a mule along steep trails into the canyon. Pause to watch the antics of a foraging squirrel. Head to the lodge and simply watch a summer storm roll up the canyon. And listen. Listen to the way a breeze blows through the pinions and ponderosas. Here, at the North Rim, you find the perfect balance of marvel and creature comforts. Campground nearby.