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Sedona Chamber of Commerce has provided specific itineraries in and around Sedona, Arizona. Linked below is 14 different itineraries for any vacationers needs. 

Sedona Native American Experience

This 3-Day itinerary takes you on a Jeep tour, through the Hopi Reservations and much more!

Sedona Nature Experience

This 3-Day itinerary will take you hiking, exploring and on a hot air balloon ride through the scenic areas around Sedona.

Sedona Scenic View by Motorcoaches

Here is a list of places that are non-US Forest Service lands. Great for off-roading.

Sedona Scenic View Points by Motorcoaches

Here is a list of US Forest Service Coconino NF Red Rock Ranger Districts. Explore the areas around Sedona, Arizona on well groomed off-road trails.

Sedona and the Grand Canyon Experience

This 3-Day itinerary starts in beautiful Sedona, Arizona and ends in the Grand Canyon, Arizona. 

Day Trips From/To Sedona

4 amazing day trips in the Sedona, Arizona area. Including trips to Flagstaff, Arizona and the Grand Canyon.

Only Couple of Hours in Sedona?

Here are plenty of ideas to spend time in Sedona, Arizona. From visiting Red Rock Crossing to the art galleries, these ideas will keep you busy. 

Sedona & Gateway Cities

Gateway cities including Pheonix, Arizona and Los Angeles, California. Here's a list of gateway cities connected to Sedona, Arizona and some great vacationing ideas around them. 

Sedona 3-day 2-night / 4-day 3-night Experience

Varied 3-day or 4-day itineraries for Sedona, Arizona and its surrounding areas. 

Sedona Spiritual and Healing Experience

This 3-day itinerary takes you hiking and to the spa, perfect for a healing experience in Sedona, Arizona. 

Sedona General Experience

This 3-day itinerary offers tours, hiking and much more for Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Bed & Breakfast Experience

Here are some bed & breakfast locations and activities in Sedona, Arizona. 

Sedona Arts and Culture Experience

This 3-day itinerary list arts and cultural experiences and their dates for Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona Unique Meetings & Corporate Events Experience

This 3-day itinerary gives you ideas for your team building meetings or corporate vacations in Sedona, Arizona. 

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