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Cedar City, UT 84720

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Tour Information and Itinerary

DAY ONE: Las Vegas and Zion National Park

We meet you in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel for an 8:00 AM departure and then begin your Grand Circle National Park Adventure and go directly to Zion National Park, a short three-hour drive away.

Zion National Park is one of nature’s greatest wonders. Gigantic red and white rock monoliths tower around you like a skyscraper city of stone, concealing pockets of abundant flora and fauna. See the Great White Throne, Angel’s Landing, the Court of the Patriarchs, and the Narrows where the Virgin River has carved out a narrow canyon with 2,000 foot cliffs on each side.

In the late afternoon, we view the giant screen production “Treasure of the Gods “. After checking into our motel (one of Springdale’s finest), there is a welcome and get-acquainted dinner for all to attend.

Dinner Included

DAY TWO: Colorado River and Page, AZ

After breakfast, we drive from the depths of Zion Canyon up the switchbacks and climb 3,000 feet in just three miles to the Zion Tunnel. Once through this mile-long tunnel, we emerge into a fascinating world of rock and sand formations that extend on each side of us. Once we emerge from the park, we will travel to Page, AZ.

Once we arrive, we will take a smooth water float trip down the Colorado River, beginning at the Glen Canyon Dam and ending at Lee’s Ferry. We will enjoy the majesty and grandeur of the red rock canyon ranging from 700 to 1700 ft deep.

Once we are finished we will check into our hotel and then go to the Navajo Indian Village for an performance and dinner. Here, Navajos tell us of their culture and history, sing and dance in their native regalia, and demonstrate how they make their beautiful rugs and jewelry. They also give us a sampling of Navajo food for dinner. We return to our motel for the evening.

Breakfast and Dinner Included

DAY THREE: Antelope Canyon and South Rim Grand Canyon

After breakfast, we will enjoy a tour of nearby Antelope Canyon for a guided tour by local Navajos. Truly, this is one of the most beautiful slot canyons in all of America and an experience that our guests will be discussing for a very long time.

Afterward, we will take a journey down river to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Words cannot describe and pictures cannot capture the awesome spectacle of this majestic site. The Grand Canyon has always been known as one of the eight wonders of the world and we can’t agree more. We visit the most spectacular sites, pausing to get out, walk along the rim and enjoy the beauty of the place. We will spend the night inside the park.

Breakfast Included

DAY FOUR: Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

After breakfast and a last minute look at the Grand Canyon is complete, we drive to Kayenta, Arizona, and then enter Monument Valley. Once we arrive, Navajo guides will escort us into this beautiful and historic valley in the backs of their pickups. (The road is bumpy and there is some jostling around, so those with bad backs or other physical restrictions, please let us know if you participate in this activity.)

The guides will show us many of the more famous landmarks as well as where John Ford and John Wayne made many of their well-known movies like “Stage Coach” and “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon”. They also take us into the seldom-visited backcountry for a look at some fantastic rock formations. We will enjoy dinner overlooking the valley at the View restaurant then continue on to Bluff, Utah where we will lodge for the night.

Breakfast and Dinner Included

DAY FIVE: Four Corners and Mesa Verde National Park

After breakfast, we continue our drive through the Navajo Indian Reservation, stopping briefly at the famous “Four Corners” landmark. Here, four states (Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico) come together in one place (no similar situation exists anywhere else in the USA). At this site, one can literally put her hands and feet in four different states at once. Local vendors selling many kinds of native handicrafts and jewelry are located nearby.

As we head into Colorado, we pass through the Ute Indian Reservation and soon find ourselves in Mesa Verde National Park the world famous Anasazi “Cliff dwellings”. For those who are physically able, we tour Cliff House. This is one of the largest and best ruins in the park. We take a driving tour and see several of the best preserved ruins. We offer an optional walk down to the Spruce Tree House and physically explore the ruins there, as well as enter into a kiva once used by the Anazasi.

We also stop at the museum, which has a wonderful array of ancient crafts, pottery, etc. of the Anasazi. Later that afternoon, we make our way to Durango, Colorado. After checking into our hotel, you are free to enjoy the many restaurants and shops located nearby.

Breakfast Included

DAY SIX: Durango Silverton Railroad and the Rocky Mountains.

After a late breakfast and a lazy morning, we take the Durango and Silverton Railroad to Cascade Canyon and back to Durango. Built in 1981 to carry gold and passengers, this old-time steam engine and railroad experience offers a fun and scenic view of the San Juan Mountains, the Animas River, and is a tremendously enjoyable experience.

Once we are finished with the train ride, we will depart Durango and backtrack to Cortez. Once there, we will then begin our drive to Moab, Utah. The hotel is in an excellent location in the middle of downtown Moab, next to a number of restaurants and shops. Dinner is on your own.

Breakfast Included

DAY SEVEN: Moab, Arches, and Dead Horse Point

After breakfast, we will enter Arches National Park, one of Utah’s most famous parks with over two thousand natural arches and windows. We visit various key rock formations and arches throughout the park. Afterwards we will drive out to Dead Horse Point for a spectacular overlook of the Colorado River. This is one of our favorite views of the southwest. We will return to Moab for lunch.

After lunch, you have the afternoon to rest, relax, and enjoy Moab. You can rent an atv, side by side, jeep and do some off road driving, go mountain biking, do some rappelling/rock climbing, go shopping downtown, or just relax and take a nap.

Later that evening, we get ready for some great food and entertainment as we reassemble the group for a wonderful meal at one of the local micro breweries.

Breakfast and Dinner Included

DAY EIGHT: Capital Reef National Park, Famous Highway 12, Bryce Canyon National Park

In the morning, we make our way to Capital Reef National Park, stopping briefly to see the Fremont Indian petroglyphs and then the Visitors’ Center. We soon start our drive over the famous Highway 12, recently named an “All American Highway” as one of the most scenic highways in America.

Lunch will be in Boulder, Utah, one of the most remote and picturesque towns in the USA. You will love the outstanding homemade fries and Cajun Pecan Blueberry pie. We arrive at Bryce National Park in mid to late afternoon.

We will visit several of the key sites and then check into the famous Ruby’s Inn for the evening. There is a restaurant and coffee shop located in the complex. Ruby’s offers an excellent shopping opportunity for all kinds of Southwest treasures, books, or clothing.

Breakfast and Lunch Included


For those who want to get up early and see the sunrise at Bryce, you are in for a real treat. The early morning sun lights up the pink cliffs and hoodoos and offers a stunning visual experience. For those physically capable, we take a two hour walk down inside the beautiful hoodoos from Sunrise to Sunset Point. Anyone else who doesn’t take the hike can walk along the rim from one point to the other. Some say this is the most beautiful walk they have ever taken.

From there, we start making our way towards Las Vegas. We take the scenic Cedar Mountain route which offers a great view of Zion National Park from a distance, as well as several high alpine meadows; we stop briefly at Kolob, a seldom visited part of Zion that many locals consider some of the best scenery around; a brief lunch stop; a last minute shopping opportunity at a local wholesale jewelry store offering some incredible buys on Native American jewelry, pottery and artifacts. From there we go on to Las Vegas generally arriving between 4:00 and 5:00 pm.

Breakfast Included