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Day 1 - Pick up at Las Vegas Airport and travel to Zion National Park. (3.5 hours) Lodging at Majestic View Lodge or similar.

Day 2 - Hiking in Zion National Park. Trails include the following:

  • Virgin River Narrows. Explore one of the most famous slot canyons in the world. We travel from the start of the trail at the Temple of Sinewava up into the Narrows. We will proceed as far as you would like into this wonderful slot canyon. We recommend you hike at least to the Orderville Gulch confluence (3 miles). 60% of the time will be spent in the water, 40% will be spent walking on the banks of the river.

  • Emerald Pools. This hike offers those not interested in hiking the river an opportunity to walk on an paved trail with beautiful vistas of Zion Canyon, waterfalls, wildlife, and plant. There are 3 pools to hike to, lower, middle, and upper. It is a 4 mile loop to do all 3 + walk through the Grotto, but well worth the time.

  • Weeping Wall. This hike is a wonderful chance to see the largest seep spring in Zion National Park and see the amazing hanging gardens that grow from it. There are also beautiful traverteen formations that have been created by the spring that cover the hillside. .5 miles round trip.

  • East Canyon Overlook. This is a great moderate hike that offers an individual the opportunity to enjoy the vistas of Zion National Park from above. You will hike a 2 mile round trip trail from the East tunnel entrance to the overlook 2500 ft above the canyon floor.

Day 3 - Hiking in Zion National Park. Trails include the following:

  • Angels Landing. This trail is one of the most famous in Zion. Not for the faint of heart, it ascends the canyon wall to Scouts Lookout. From there you will follow the crest of the rock formation to the top of Angels Landing. At the top of the landing, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Zion Canyon to the north and south. 5.5 miles round trip.

  • Canyon Overlook. This hike we will begin from outside the park. We will hike through Echo Canyon and climb a moderate elevation to the overlook. This hike will allow you to look down into Zion canyon from over 3000 ft above the canyon floor. You will look down onto Angels Landing, be even with the Great White Throne, and experience the majesty and grandeur of the canyon itself. 5-6 miles round trip

  • Cable Mountain. This is an opportunity to experience the thrill that the original settlers enjoyed and they lowered lumber/trees from the high plateau into the valley floor via cables. We will hike up to the cable works still standing on the canyon rim and look down into the valley below. 5 miles round trip.

  • Temple of Sinewava River Walk. This is a hike along the Virgin River at the entrance of the narrows. 2 miles round trip will little elevation gain and loss, this hike will give you a small sample of hiking in the narrows, without having to walk through all the water to do it. You will also enjoy many unique micro-ecosystems that exist along the canyon walls as you traverse the area.

Day 4 - Travel to Bryce Canyon National Park (2 hours) Lodging for the night at Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon Pines Resort or similar.

  • Depart Zion after a lazy morning and travel to Bryce Canyon National Park. Possible early check in. Afterwards enter into the park.

  • Bryce Point to Sunrise/Fairyland Point Hike. The rim walk hike offers each individual the opportunity to travel around the majestic and scenic rim of the Bryce Amphitheater. It offers beautiful vistas of the surrounding valleys and the Aquarius Plateau along with the opportunity to explore the unique scenery inside the amphitheater itself. This hike will be from 3-6 miles in length and offer each individual the chance to go at their pace and enjoy themselves.

Day 5 - Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park

  • Today, we will enjoy the chance to watch the sunrise at the Amphitheater. We will do a morning hike, Queens Garden Navajo Loop. Afterwards, we will offer other trails in the park. Descriptions below:

  • Queens Garden Navajo Loop trail. This 3 mile round trip loop offers each individual a great opportunity to explore below the rim and walk among the hoodoos and other formations that make Bryce Canyon famous. This trail descends and ascends 600 ft in elevation. While not strenuous, it will offer a challenge for all who traverse it. You will not regret making the journey.

  • Tower Bridge Trail. The 3 mile hike offers the opportunity to see bristlecone pine trees, one of the oldest trees on earth, the china wall, and a wonderful arch/bridge along the way. Well worth the hike. For those interested, we can extend this into a 8 mile Fairyland Loop hike.

  • Mossy Cave/Waterfall hike. This is an easy 1 mile round trip hike to a mossy cave/alcove nestled below the rim. It also offers a great opportunity in the afternoon to take a dip in the east fork of the Sevier river as it cascades down the canyon.

  • Bristlecone Loop Trail. This trail, at Rainbow and Yovimpa Points offers great views of the Southeast section of Bryce Canyon. On a clear day you can see Lake Powell and Page, AZ in the distance. This trail takes you along the rim to a 1700 year old bristlecone tree and others that are scattered along the rim.

Day 6 - Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park. We will spend the morning finishing exploring the area before departing after lunch to Page, AZ. (3.5 hours). We will hike a few spots in Page. Lodging in Page Courtyard Marriott or similar

  • Horseshoe Bend. This is a hike everyone should make as they travel through the area. 2 miles round trip, this hike offers you the opportunity to witness the Colorado River 1300 ft below you and see the beautiful 270 degree bend it has carved around the sandstone cliffs. Best seen right before sunset.

  • Antelope Canyon, lower or upper. This may seem like a short hike, but the .5 to 1 mile hike is well worth the visit. You will walk through one of the most famous and picturesque slot canyons in the world. It is a must see for anyone that visits this area. We recommend lower antelope canyon for anyone that can handle a few stairs. Upper antelope canyon are for those that want just a flat trail to walk on. Both are amazing.

Day 7 - Travel to Monument Valley (3.5 hours). Lodging at Kayenta Monument Valley Inn or similar.

  • Monument Valley is an amazing place to explore and enjoy. Today we will take a private back country tour with Navajo Guides. We will enter areas of the Valley you cannot travel to without a Navajo Guide. This 4-6 hour tour will allow you to hike, sightsee, and enjoy one of the most photographed valleys in America.

Day 8 - Travel to Grand Canyon (4.5 hours). Lodging in Maswick or Yavapi Lodge or similar. These are both inside the park, within a .5 mile walk from the rim.

  • As we enter the park, we will visit the main viewpoints along the way. We will arrive at our hotel and let each of you enjoy the rest of the evening walking along the rim or preparing for the great hikes tomorrow.

Day 9 - Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park. We will offer the following options for the group:

  • Grand Canyon Bright Angel Trail/South Kiabab Trail to Phantom Ranch overnight hike. This will be your opportunity to descend below the rim and explore the vastness and depth of the Grand Canyon. You will hike 7-9 miles below the Rim to Phantom Ranch where you will lodge for the night in their bunk houses. You will only need to carry lunch, water, snacks, and a change of clothes on this hike. We can have these brought down for us on a mule if you do not want to pack them yourselves. Lodging, dinner, and breakfast will be provided at Phantom Ranch. You will ascend back up the trail to the rim on the following day.

  • Rim walk. The Grand Canyon has over 30 miles of trails along the rim of the canyon, stretching from Hermits Rest to Desert View. We will hike along the rim, enjoying the vistas, flora, and fauna that is found in this region. We recommend the rimwalk from Bright Angel Lodge to South Kiabab Trailhead. The shuttle bus will return you to the start of the hike or anywhere else you want to go in the park.

Day 10 - Hiking in Grand Canyon National Park

  • Below the rim hike. For those interested, we can descend below the rim for a short hike to some of the wonderful areas and get the experience of traversing the canyon. 3-5 miles round trip.

  • Rim walk, Hermits rest. This area of the park offers individuals the option to explore a less commercialized section of the park. Walk along the rim, or descend below the rim and enjoy your day.

  • For those that descended below the rim, we will ascend the 7-9 miles up out of the canyon today.

As an option, we can travel to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon instead of the south rim of the canyon. This is less commercialized and only has a small portion of the visitors that the south rim has. We can offer great hiking and wildlife viewing options on the north rim, but the guests will enjoy a more private experience at the canyon.

Day 11 - Travel to Las Vegas with stops at Lake Meade and Hoover Dam - overnight Las Vegas (6-7 hours)

  • Today, we will travel from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas. Along the way we will make a stop at Hoover Dam. We will walk along the dam, and for those interested tour the Dam itself. We will then finish our drive to Las Vegas.

Day 12 - Evening transfer to the airport.