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To/From Las Vegas

(Costs mentioned are now dated. Check locally for current rates.)

 Day One: To Flagstaff via I-40

Two nights Little America Hotel

265 miles/424 KM

Northern Arizona’s premier resort hotel, located on over 500 acres of ponderosa pine; The ideal location for watchable wildlife -- see Abert’s squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, prairie dogs, dozens of species of birds, even an occasional mule deer or elk while you walk our two-mile hiking trail among the trees.


Day Two: Day Trip To Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim via 64/180

80 miles/130 KM

(Round trip 160 miles/260 KM)

Cost:  $20 per car; motor coach entry $300 (26 persons or more)

An opportunity to view one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world  -- step beneath the rim or enjoy the paved hiking trails along the edge; take in an interpretive program, dine and admire some of  Arizona’s most unique historic buildings.

Day Three: To Walnut Canyon National Monument via 1-40

10 miles/16 KM

Cost: $5 per person, motor coach $100 (26 persons or more)

Visit and walk among the ruins of the cliff-dwelling Pueblo Indians who lived and farmed 1000 years ago in this stream-cut gorge. This is one of the few monuments that allows entry into an authentic Indian ruin. Wonderful visitor museum on the rim.


Day Four: Walnut Canyon to Lake Powell (lunch) and Zion National Park, Utah

212 miles/339 KM to Zion

Cost: $10 per vehicle, motor coach $25 to $100

Stop near Lake Powell, formed by one of the world’s highest dams, with a shoreline of 1,960 miles. Continue on to Zion National Park, where 229 square-miles of cliff and canyon landscape and rugged wilderness make this an unforgettable experience. View the world’s largest natural arch (310 feet) in what is truly a spectacular view of the American West.

Return: Zion National Park to Las Vegas

160 miles/258 KM