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Day One: 205 miles/330 KM to Grand Canyon National Park, south rim,  1 night

Cost: $20 per car; motor coach entry $300 (26 persons or more)

An opportunity to view one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world  -- step beneath the rim or enjoy the paved hiking trails along the edge; take in an interpretive program, dine and admire some of Arizona’s most unique historic buildings.


Day Two: Grand Canyon to Flagstaff via 64/180

80 Miles/130 KM

Two nights at Little America Hotel

Northern Arizona’s premier resort hotel, located on over 500 acres of ponderosa pine; The ideal location for watchable wildlife -- see Abert’s squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, dozens of species of birds, even an occasional mule deer, bobcat or elk while you walk our two-mile hiking trail among the trees.


Day trip to Walnut Canyon National Monument via 1-40

10 miles/16 KM

Cost: $5 per person, motor coach $100* (26 persons or more)

*Fee good for Walnut Canyon, Wupatki and Sunset Crater

Visit and walk among the ruins of the cliff-dwelling Pueblo Indians who lived and farmed 1000 years ago in this stream-cut gorge. This is one of the few monuments that allows entry into an authentic Indian ruin. Wonderful visitor museum on the rim.

On to Sunset Crater and Wupatki National Monument via 1-40 & 89 North

15 miles/24 KM

Cost: $5 per person, motor coach $100(fee included for all three monuments)

View and walk among the lava flows of a dormant volcano, which erupted just 900 years ago, or walk over the cinder cones for a sneak view of the Painted Desert. Continue on to see the ruins of the Anasazi and Sinagua Indians; you may visit four pueblos as you view the beautiful high country desert.


Day Three: Little America to Lake Powell (lunch) and Zion National Park, Utah

212 miles/339 KM to Zion

Cost: $10 per vehicle, motor coach $25 to $100

Stop near Lake Powell, formed by one of the world’s highest dams, with a shoreline of 1,960 miles. Continue on to Zion National Park, where 229 square-miles of cliff and canyon landscape and rugged wilderness make this an unforgettable experience. View the world’s largest natural arch (310 feet) in what is truly a spectacular view of the American West.

Return: Zion National Park to Las Vegas

160 miles/ 258 KM