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Bryce Canyon hoodoosBryce’s original inhabitants, the Paiutes, believed that the rock figures here were people turned to stone by angry gods. Delicately colored spires, fins, and mazes haunt our imagination and beckon us to explore them more closely.

Bryce Canyon offers in-park lodging, dining and horseback riding.

Listed on the National Historic Register, The Lodge at Bryce Canyon is the only lodging actually in the national park. Designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood, who also designed The Lodge at the Grand Canyon North Rim, this elegant lodge and dining room represents the rustic style Underwood ultimately defined.

Couples, families and groups enjoy up-close access to the park's rim trails and excursions, front-row seats to stunning sun rises and sun sets.  A driving tour along the park's 20-mile scenic rim road to nearby lookout points surrenders a gentle kaleidoscope of color and form.  It is like nothing you've ever seen before.

Hiking and horseback trails wind through the Park, both along the rim and down amongst the towering rock formations called “hoodoos.” There is an optional shuttle system available that connects all major natural amphitheaters along the eastern rim (recommended); private vehicles are allowed in the park year-round. Evening rodeos, flight-seeing, mountain biking, cross country skiing trails on outskirts of Park.

Location: South-central Utah
  • Developed campground
  • Paved scenic drive
  • Numerous hiking trails
  • Horseback rides
  • Visitor Center
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