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The Grand Circle Association held its quarterly meetings March 28-30, 2015, at Red Cliffs Lodge just outside of Moab, Utah. It was a great event. We had tons of fun and actually got some work done. The photos above show some of the action.

At these meetings, members are encouraged to learn about about the area and participate in activities. This time we had options for Jeep/Hummer tours, river rafting and horseback riding. I chose the trail ride and offer a few of my photos above. The other photos were provided by Donovon Hanley and Sally Pearce.

- Dave Webb

See minutes from the membership meeting.

 Highlights of the meeting are:

**38 people attended - the meetings are getting bigger every quarter!  6 of them were from our new member Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum, Ignacio, CO!

**We finished up last year 22% over in silent auction revenues. We had an overall net loss of $362, which is great since we paid two IPW registrations last year.  We're at 26% of revenue this year, and our major expenses for the year have already been met.  We bring in about $60K/year in annual revenue.

**We have 92 members, four of them new members:  Canyonlands Lodging in Monticello, Redtail Aviation in Moab, Adventure Hub in Cedar City, and Southern Ute Museum and Cultural Center in Ignacio.

**619 individual planners have been sent out since the last meeting, a huge increase. 552 were sent to US addresses, and 67 were sent to foreign addresses.  We've sent out 19 boxes of planners since the last meeting.

**Visitors to the website over up significantly over last year.  Dave's goal is 100% more by summer.

**Jason has already put together a preliminary itinerary for the October east side media fam tour.

**The silent auction brought in $672.  Thanks very much to donors Pony Express Territory, Ely, Nevada; Redtail Aviation, Moab; Papillon Group, Grand Canyon; Grand Junction VCB; Grand Vista Hotel, Grand Junction, CO; Red Cliffs Lodge, Moab; Castle Creek Winery, Red Cliffs Lodge; America 4 You, Fullerton, CA; Gone Beyond Guides, Los Gatos, CA; Kingman, AZ Visitor Center; Sally Pearce, Denver; and Mesa Verde Country, Cortez.

Please see the attached minutes for the rest of the story.  

Our next meeting is June 21-22 at Grand Vista Hotel, Grand Junction, Colorado.