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grand circle group photoThe Grand Circle Association held its quarterly meetings March 4-5 at Gouldings Lodge in Monument Valley. Association Executive Director Laurie Frantz provided this sumary:

Dear GCA and Friends:

Attached please find the minutes from our membership meeting at Goulding's Lodge.  I would encourage all of you, member or not, to attend at least one meeting of the GCA.  You won't regret it.  Great networking, great camaraderie, and great scenery, always.  Here are the highlights:

**333 individual planners sent out since the last meeting.

**All the 2018 planners have been shipped.  The 2018 planner has a new section on tourism in the off-season.

**Our social media presence is growing.  Dave will look into using Wechat, Chinese social media, for GCA.

**We have seven member partners for the IPW booth, so we will have two booths for the first time this year in Denver.

**The west side media fam tour itinerary is sketched out.  The end of the fam tour will coincide with our December meeting in Sedona, and the fam tour participants will participate in our meeting activities.

Best regards,


See the membership meeting minutes.

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