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The City of Page AZ and the National Park Service are working together to bring reasonable regulations to the popular Horseshoe Bend overlook, which provides a dramatic view of the winding Colorado River just below Lake Powell.

The overlook is located just off US-89, just SW of the City of Page. (

The City of Page provided the news release shown below. Highlights include:

  • A parking control employee will be on site during the most popular hours.

  • Tour buses will not be allowed to park on-site.

  • Parking is prohibited along US-89.

  • If the parking lot is full, visitors will be turned away and must visit another time.

  • The best time to find parking is before 10 am, or between 4 and 6 pm.

  • No camping is allowed at the parking area. Visitors are encoraged not to picnic or linger at the site.

Horseshoe bend is located withing Glen Canyon National Recreation area and is managed by the National Park Service.

The parking area has been expanded several times but still does not meet the need. Thousands of people are visiting each day.

horseshoe bend parking