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Dear GCA and Friends:

Our meetings in Farmington this past weekend were well-attended and successful.  Wish you all had been there!  A special shout out to Deanna Rothlisberger, Tonya Stinson, and Ingrid Gilbert for the great job they did of keeping us organized, well-fed, and happy!  The level of organization was outstanding!  Thanks to the Farmington Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The Board made two suggested changes to the GCA Bylaws, which are attached (Bylaws and proposed changes).  These changes were ratified by the board in Farmington and will be on the agenda to be ratified by the membership at the December membership meeting in Moab. 

Minutes are attached, but highlights from the meeting are:

**Our Webmaster is working on a business Facebook page for GCA.

**Robin Marquis reported on the changes to the National Park Service entry fees.  Please see minutes for details.

**New proposed 2020 Fam Tour dates are March 16-23.  Please see minutes for draft itinerary.  If you know a tour operator you would like to propose for participation, please send the contact information to me.

**Robin Marquis is interested in doing a sales mission to LA to meet with tour operators and travel agencies which bring a lot of business to this area.  Please see minutes for details.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Laurie or Robin.  We have one member who has expressed interest already.

**Proposed meetings for 2020 are:

March 15-16, Page, AZ (Lake Powell Resort, Antelope Canyon Tours)

June 7-8, Zion (Under Canvas)

September 27-28, Pagosa Springs

December 6-7, Grand Canyon (Red Feather Lodge, Big E Steakhouse)

Our next meeting is at the Hilton Hoodoo Hotel in Moab, Utah, December 1-2.  Stay tuned and check your email for the meeting announcement, which will be out soon.

Best, Laurie