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The next meetings of the Grand Circle Association will be Sept 8 & 9, 2019, in Farmington NM.

Here is the complete schedule and registration information.

Travel professionals will network, share information and plan cooperative ventures. The meetings also include plenty of excellent food and drink, along with opportunities to engage in recreational activities in the area.

Association members are encouraged to attend. Businesses and organizations involved in travel/tourism, that are not Grand Circle members, are also welcome to attend and participate in all activities.

Sept 4-7 is 4 Corners 4X4 Week, offering extensive opportunities to go on guided off road adventures. People coming for our meetings are welcome to participate.

W.E. Rock Grand Nationals will take place Sept 7-8, and will attract some of the best rock crawlers in US. They put on quite a shot.

Sunday morning, meeting participants can join a group high into nearby Bisti De-Na-Zin Wilderness.

Participants can also join a group tour of the historic Kristen MerrittThe Artifacts Gallery and the Chile Store.

farmington jeep

farmington downtown