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Dear GCA and Friends:

We had a large and lively meeting in Sedona.  Thanks to all who contributed to the silent auction.  It was a great auction.  The meeting minutes are attached, and here are some highlights:

**Three expiring and one vacant board positions were filled:  Wilann Thomas was appointed to fill Sue Finley’s empty seat, which expires 12/20. The new board members for the expiring positions are Michelle Kien, Arden Redshirt, and Ed Spear.  Officers are Ed Spear, President; Jeff Lyman, Vice President; and Jason Murray, Treasurer.

**Our revenue is a down, but our expenses are also down, so we are okay financially.

**We have 125 members.  We have three new members:  True West Incentive Tours, Gateway Reservations, and Under Canvas.  

**The 2018 travel planner has been almost completely distributed; 2019 will go to press mid-January.

**We may move the next fam tour from fall 2019 to spring 2020.  Any input is appreciated.  Anyone who would like to assist with the organization of the tour, please contact Laurie.  

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Best, Laurie

Laurie Frantz, Executive Director
Grand Circle Association