Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways Announcement

Colorado Scenic and Historic Byways announces that two Colorado Byways have also become National Byways! Congratulations to Scenic Byways of Legends and Silver Thread Scenic And Historic Byways!

Colorado Scenic Byway: Highway of Legends

The lore of this area is vivid, swirling in the spiritual myths of the American Indians and the history of their clashes with Spanish explorers. Like much of Colorado, where the promises of fortune led, trouble followed and tales of outlaws “settling their differences” are common.

Colorado Scenic Byway: Silver Thread

Lake City not only serves as an outstanding base of operations for outdoor adventure, but also serves as one of the largest collections of preserved buildings from the 1870s. Stroll through the heart of town and you’ll quickly get a sense for Lake City’s authenticity.

Mesa Verde’s Far View Lodge announces its opening on May 1st, 2021!

With concerns of the pandemic still an issue, many have chosen to explore the great outdoors to get out of the house, yet remain safe. Mesa Verde National Park, located near Cortez, CO, offers that opportunity with its amazing archaeological sites. Visit to explore what you have been missing and to plan your next trip!

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