Southeastern Utah’s premier outdoor education organizations - Canyonlands Field Institute and Canyon Country Discovery Center - will share the Sand Island Campground on the San Juan River to launch programs that inspire the next generation of land stewards. A short visit on Tuesday, June 27th will give a visitor the opportunity to see CFI’s Native Teen Guide-in-Training Program and the Discovery Center’s Earth, Wind, Sky Summer Science Camp in action.

Canyonlands Field Institute’s Native Teen Guide-in-Training Program gets native teens outdoors through hiking and rafting to visit natural features and cultural heritage sites, while tying in Navajo and Hopi language and beliefs. Hopi and Navajo guides will share traditional teachings while we explore the archeology around Bluff and raft the beautiful lower San Juan River on this six-day program. Participants will develop skills that can lead to employment in natural resources, tourism, and wilderness medicine. The Native Teen Guide-in-Training is made possible through generous support from the Val A. Browning Foundation.

Canyon Country Discovery Center’s Earth, Wind, Sky Summer Science Camp allows youth the chance to experience three days of hands-on learning with a geologist and an astronomy educator from Clark Planetarium. Youth will learn about astronomy, the night sky, geology, desert rivers, and much more while floating twenty-six incredibly scenic miles of the San Juan River in southeastern Utah. Explore one of the most inspirational and classic settings possible for learning about the geologic, astronomical, natural, and cultural history of the area. This project is supported by the Bureau of Land Management and the Resource Legacy Fund.


Resford Rouzer, Canyonlands Field Institute, 435-259-7750
Chris Giangreco, Canyon Country Discovery Center, 773-726-4205

About Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, Canyon Country Discover Center:

Four Corners School of Outdoor Education creates lifelong learning experiences about the Colorado Plateau for people of all ages and backgrounds through education, service, adventure, and conservation. Home to Four Corners School of Outdoor Education, the Canyon Country Discovery Center offers hands-on educational experiences through learning exhibits, adventure trips, and workshops to explore and understand the natural and cultural history of the Colorado Plateau.

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